About The Commons

In a climate where software and technological approaches are constantly changing, we work to empower others with the knowledge, processes, and technical capacity required to solve some of the most challenging problems in protecting and improving our natural world.

Our organization was incorporated in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting the environmental movement with access to high quality digital services and open tool kits that use data to spark community action and improvement to the environment.  

The Commons

Executive Director/Co-Founder
Project Strategy Lead/Co-Founder
Senior Software Engineer/Co-Founder
Lead Development Operations Engineer
Program Implementation Coordinator

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Our Values

Our values embrace our commitment to fostering shared environmental resources; our values reflect the common social agreement necessary to create environments where everyone can thrive.

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We are Stewards

If we invest in taking care of ourselves, our work, and our clients, our organization and mission will thrive

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We are Curious and Humble

We intentionally learn from and listen to our stakeholders to understand how our work can help contribute to enduring change at the community level and throughout the environmental movement.

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We are Conscientious Bridge Builders

Nothing we accomplish can be achieved without expanding our community of participants, inviting their expertise, or supporting their goals.

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We are Pragmatic Problem Solvers

We view technical problem-solving through a lens of pragmatic optimism and our default is to trust the expertise and goals of our stakeholders.

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We Own the Outcomes of our Decisions

If our choices lead to adversity, we work through it.

Build the future of environmental software with our team.

We are a lean, relentless team. We create impactful software that supports a myriad of organizations in their efforts to improve the environment. Our staff are creators that work to solve complex mapping, visualization, and product development challenges in unique and innovative ways. We seek the brightest and most driven individuals to help us serve the environmental movement with powerful software solutions and integration opportunities.