Creating the Code
for Change

We build the digital infrastructure supporting the measurement and quantification of enduring change to our natural world

Deploy Rapidly, Adapt Independently, Restore Naturally

Our technologies are swiftly deployable, adaptable to any domain, and designed to enhance your organization's environmental restoration and monitoring efforts

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The FieldDoc platform helps practitioners set conservation goals, model impact, track progress, and map grant-funded restoration projects. Restoration investors leverage FieldDoc to gain site-specific information on where their dollars are making a difference.

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Digital Services

Access a core set of education, project management, design, and integration services that unite your environmental data with modern tools to bridge gaps in technical capacity and support your organization's mission.

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Unlocking the promise of software expediting enduring environmental change

With Commons' systems and approaches, our partners leverage data to make more informed decisions, smarter investments, and  plans for a better future.

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Plan Restoration

Our tools help landowners, restoration practitioners, government, and foundations model environmental outcomes and align with prioritization goals.

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Document Environmental Interventions

We enable stakeholders to easily record, report, and integrate restoration data for centralized disclosure on where implementation has occurred, its status, and who funded it.

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Monitor Resource Response

We develop approaches and solutions that enable stakeholders to leverage water quality monitoring data to better understand how restoration activities are  making a difference and performing over time.

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Align Investment with Restoration Activities

We create a full chain of custody of restoration and conservation efforts from planning through installation and beyond.

Solve for Bay-Wide BMP Tracking

“With FieldDoc we have  standardized data and actionable insight as to where each of our grant-funded projects stand with respect to implementation and nutrient reductions. This could be the solve for Bay-wide BMP verification.”

Jake Reilly
Director of Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Environmental Compliance

"We discovered high bacteria levels at this Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant, triggering MDE inspections and the discovery of major violations. When discussing our data with MDE attorneys, EPA, and funders, we've used Water Reporter to visualize  pollution emanating from the second-largest wastewater treatment plant in the state of Maryland."

Alice Volpitta
Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, Blue Water Baltimore

Invaluble Assets

"The Commons and its Water Reporter Platform have been invaluable assets as we work to transition the work of volunteer science programs into the digital age."

Max Herzog
Program Manager, Cleveland Water Alliance

Opening Data in the Sierras

"Volunteers, and community members  play a vital role in our organization. The dashboard that The Commons has built gives us a way to share our data with our community in real-time, which is invaluable for volunteers collecting the data and anyone interested in checking on how the creek is doing. We now have a single place to store all our data, which is both accessible and flexible for staff. We are very excited about the results of this partnership - thank you to everyone at The Commons for being so great at solving data challenges!"

Helen Fitanides
Science Director, Sierra Streams Institute

Integrations for the Win

"Since the start of our Clean Waterways program in 2012, Anacostia Riverkeeper has engaged over 8,600 volunteers and collected over 165,000 pounds of trash from the Anacostia watershed, the program has continued to grow steadily. With the help of The Commons we have established a technical strategy and integrations that makes all of our cleanup data available and easily viewable to the public while also supporting trash reporting and categorization to DCDOE as well as the Anacostia TMDL."

Quinn Molner
Director of Operations, Anacostia Riverkeeper

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