Set conservation goals, track implementation progress, quantify environmental outcomes

Build a Comprehensive Portfolio of Restoration Activities

We built FieldDoc to ensure everyone working to implement restoration and land protection activities deserves to understand the impact of their efforts.

Track Land Conservation and Restoration Projects

FieldDoc provides a central source of truth, detailing all elements of project implementation for your organization or funding program. Seamlessly set restoration goals, document implementation, and generate hyper-local footprints of where work is occurring on the landscape.

Bringing a New Layer of Transparency to Restoration Investment

FieldDoc enables any funding program to granularly associate implementation dollars with management practice implementation. Restoration investors gain site-specific information on where their dollars are making a difference.

Features Optimized to Measure and Manage Environmental Interventions

Document Location

FieldDoc provides necessary tools to easily geo-reference your restoration project.  Draw footprints or batch upload your authoritative .GeoJSON or .SHP files.

Configure Metrics

Create your own organizational benchmarks for showing collective implementation achieved to date. FieldDoc provides a clear implementation picture keeping all your colleagues on the same page.


Seamlessly link environmental interventions and  implementation disclosures to funders, state agencies, and other project partners to fulfill necessary foundation and agency reporting requirements.

Linked Pages

Share and visualize your implementation efforts by connecting third party analytics such as ArcGIS Online, Felt Maps, and Matterport, telling the story of how your work is improving our natural resources.

Model Outcomes

Leverage FieldDoc's packaged models to quantify nutrient and sediment load reductions and Green House Gas Emissions.  Have your own model? Reach out to our team to bring them online.

Unlock the utility of your restoration data with native integrations

ArcGIS Online

Connect FieldDoc practices to hosted feature services to generate live updating web maps and dashboards


Extend FieldDoc's data management capabilities through a direct connection with your organization's Airtable Bases


Use your FieldDoc data and Retool to create powerful internal applications and live-updating analytics.

Support FieldDoc Product Development